HATCHET MAN: Dancing fiend: Wright-Phillips goal celebration was more like an Abba routine

13 March 2009 10:49
Shaun Wright-Phillips' lame goal celebration on Thursday night against AaB Aalborg must have added him to the ranks of the game's poor posers.[LNB] Wrong moves: Shaun Wright-Phillips leads his team-mates on a merry dance.[LNB] The wavy train he started made the players involved look like they wereimitating an Abba tribute band. Whatever happened to players justcelebrating normally rather than all this premeditated rubbish?[LNB]There have been worse of course, a lot worse as the clip show belowdemonstrates, but Wright-Phillips' should still be embarrassed by hiscelebrations nonetheless.[LNB] [LNB]  

Source: Daily_Mail