HATCHET MAN: City reject Mills, happy to talk a good game instead of playing it, washed-up at just 3

18 March 2009 10:08
A news agency ran a story on Tuesday night with Danny Mills backinghis manager Mark Hughes to achieve success at Manchester City.

Yes, that is correct, HIS manager. You may have heard Mills a fairbit on the radio and thought he had quit the game to become a pundit.

You could also be forgiven for thinking he might have dropped downthe leagues to finish his career after falling well out of favour atEastlands.

Letting his mouth do the talking: Manchester City non-player Danny Mills

But no. Mills is still at City, a club he last played for three years ago, and is likely to be there until his lucrative contract runs out in the summer.

For more than half the length of the deal he signed when he joined them, he has not had a look in and the Press Association story said he has long since given up playing for them.

This is a former England international who is 31 years old, by no means a pensioner by the game's standards, and yet he has allowed a large chunk of his career go to waste.

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 Mills was due to be commenting on City's UEFA Cup game against Aalborg on Thursday night,  reduced to a completely peripheral spectator and apparently comfortable with it.

But it is only supposed to be foreign mercenaries who adopt this kind of attitude, according to one of the common misconceptions out there.

Outspoken and sometimes overly aggressive, Mills may not be many people's favourite player yet he could still do a good job for someone. If he put playing the game ahead of talking about it, that is.


Source: Daily_Mail

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