HATCHET MAN: Bellamy heals the Robinho 'rift' by insisting: You just need to play a lot better, that

24 February 2009 08:44
Craig Bellamy, Manchester City's universally-loved striker, is so tenacious even his PR spin has teeth.

He has reportedly fallen out with team-mate Robinho after a row in which he accused the Brazilian of not trying.

Robinho was great for his country in a midweek match and then bombed during  defeat against Portsmouth and Bellamy, apparently, wasn't prepared to put up with it.

You'd better make this a good one: Bellamy and Robinho prepare to get the show on the road

Quite who appointed him City's standards ombudsman is unclear, but the real  meaning behind his attempt to spin the situation around wasn't.

In an interview on the club's website, cuddly Craig ended a tribute to how good  Robinho is by saying: 'When he plays well, we play well so we need him to be at  the top of his game. It's a lot to ask but we need him at his best.'

Yes, Craig, that really is a lot to ask.

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Source: Daily_Mail