Garrido weighs up options

13 February 2009 02:50
Javier Garrido has said that he will consider his position at Manchester City in the summer, but hopes to be able to stay and help the club become even more successful than Manchester United.

The Spanish defender has seen his chances limited after the arrival of Wayne Bridge and knows that he must compete for a place in Mark Hughes' side now that the squad is being expanded.

Having two players in every position is something that all the major clubs have, Garrido recognised, although if he spends the next few months on the bench he may reconsider his options.

"Like every player I want to play. I am also conscious that they have bought a left-back in the winter transfer window who is an international and that does not help me, but I can only continue to train and hope that I have a chance," the former Real Sociedad full-back told Marca.

"When a player signs in the same position as you it is never good, but it just means I must be more competitive. The aim of the club is to create a stronger squad and for that you need two players in every position.

Meeting"I have had a meeting with the manager and he has given me confidence despite the arrival of Bridge.

"I cannot say that I would go back to Spain. In football anything can happen, but I have two-and-a-half-years more on my contract here and in general I am quite happy.

"I have learnt a new language and discovered a different culture and that has been important. Everyone here wants to play more so in the summer we shall see. Of course, I could go back."

Manchester City have spent a lot of money to improve their squad already and Garrido believes that the club can one day challenge and then rise above neighbours Manchester United.

"United have had some great years in the Premier League and in Europe and it is difficult for people at City. There are many United fans all over the country, but in the city, in Manchester, there are a lot of City fans," he continued.

"I also think United have a solid base with famous players that have played for a long time, but with money things can be done. Time is required and little-by-little our situation will improve.

"To be able to challenge for the Premier League or to be in the top four against Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal needs time. We hope to be able to complete or surpass United in seasons to come.

Ambition"That is the ambition and the owners are working towards that. We have signed some great players this season and in the summer we will see what the club intends to do.

"The club is not only signing great players though, the infrastructure is also being changed. The gymnasiums have improved, the physiotherapists have changed, the way recovery is done now. Everything is being done to improve things.

The mammoth bid for Kaka saw eyebrows raised and while Garrido was surprised, he believes that the £100million barrier will be broken one day,

"It seems like nonsense, but that is the way that football is now and the records are there to be broken," he added.

"It is a question of time before we see the first £100million paid for a player. But the player must also agree and on this occasion Kaka chose to stay with Milan, but next time another player might think differently."

Source: SKY_Sports