Frank Lampard: From Dark Blue To Pale Blue Via New York

02 August 2014 09:35

Just when we thought the summer could not get any stranger for signings from one club to another, something bizarrely incredible happens that comes as one major surprise to us all and one that will show that a certain manager by the name of Jose Mourhino is not going to be pleased.

It is reported from the BBC that Manchester City are poised to sign 36 year old Frank Lampard to their first team. He is signed to New York City, but is now available to Manchester City on a loan basis. Reports on the BBC website suggest that Lampard could be at the Carrington training complex early next week in preparation for the new season at the Etihad. It is just another example of the extraordinary complexities that is at present, the English Premier League.

Lampard, who served for thirteen years at Stamford Bridge and who scored 211 goals in his tenure there, is ready to make the move to secure more first team Premier League matches because the MLS season does not begin until March 2015.

But is this a wise decision, either from the player’s point of view or from the team’s point of view? With the loan agreement lasting until mid January, Lampard could get substantial Premier League and Champions League time, providing he is given enough time on the field in the first place. It is likely that with the way Manuel Pellegrini moves people around, from match to match, Lampard could find himself benched quite a lot in favour of younger talent. So is going to the Etihad, where the players are reputedly paid the best wages in Europe, the best thing for him?

Could this be just another example of an opportunist, aging player who sees his chance to cash in on some easy money, knowing that because of his skills and successes in the past, the owners are likely to snap his hand off, given half the chance? And will it help City to retain the title this year, something that they will be wanting to do so badly?

Perhaps the answer is in the negative because of the lack of time Lampard will have once the MLS season is up and running, but one thing is for sure. Such a player as he could set the ball rolling for some very successful points by the time mid March rolls around. He has won everything from the Champions League to the Premier League titles so is not shy of experience. But will he be a City player when the ball hits the boot. City fans will certainly be hoping so.

Source: DSG