First test for Citizens defensive midfield couple: not good enough

13 August 2014 09:17

Pellegrini took hand to all the depth in his squad to facing Arsenal for the Community Shield. A highly motivated Arsenal found in the centre of the Citizens midfield the biggest gaps in City's defence, and all three goals came from failures in that part of the pitch for Manchester City. In the first goal, Arsenal found that space when having possession, and City were only avoiding rivals attacks; this can be considered an important missed-marking situation.

The second strike came from a counter attack right before half time, where Alexis got to show his velocity for escaping and passing and excellent through ball to Sanogo, who showed maybe more than all Giroud did last season, and passed to Ramsey who finally scored the goal, which practically “killed” the game, in a “more like a friendly” second half. Notes indicate that Sanchez received the ball after free through pass from the center of the Citizens midfield, but due to the attacking circumstances in which they were, that can be considered a “more understandable”.

At last, Giroud’s impressive long shot came after positionally beating Zuculini when he was marking the central zone of the midfield.

Altough Fernando seemed to be more disciplined that Fernandinho for marking the central zone of the midfield, concern remains on weather will he be able to help Manchester’s defense when facing big rivals.

Source: DSG