Ferguson - We Have Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats

09 April 2013 12:18
Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that United were merely reverting to type by losing this derby clash.

Sir Alex Ferguson: "If you look at the history of our club, we always make it difficult for ourselves.

"We have our supporters hanging on the edge of their seats every year.

"We have a 12-point lead but we won't be taking anything for granted.

"The plus point from today is that we only have seven games left now. As each game goes along you whittle them down.

"We have Stoke on Sunday. The support will be great and we will have a go. We have to kick on now.

"Robin van Persie was absolutely fantastic.

"We were a bit lucky with the goal because it was an own goal off Kompany. But it was a fantastic free-kick."

Source: Manchester City MAD