Ferguson Plays Down Rooney Fall-out

08 March 2013 01:20
Sir Alex Ferguson insists Wayne Rooney will still be at Manchester United next season.

Sir Alex Ferguson: "He will be here next year, you have my word on that.

"There is no issue between myself and Wayne Rooney. To suggest we don't talk is nonsense.

"He understood the reasons completely. Tactically we got it right. We don't always but we did then.

"There are no issues with the player and he will be involved on Sunday.

"I left out Shinji Kagawa after he scored a hat-trick. I thought I would get more stick for that.

"Why should I help anyone by telling them my team? We don't do that.

"But Wayne does need a lot of football. He has always been that type. That has always been the case."


Source: Manchester City MAD


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