ellegrini Thought Long And Hard About Hart

07 October 2013 05:51
Manuel Pellegrini described his decision to stick with Joe Hart in goal for their 3-1 victory over Everton as "very difficult".

Manuel Pellegrini: "It wasn't a simple decision, it was a very difficult decision, but I think Joe needs the trust of all of us - of me, the other players and the fans.

"Of course he feels he didn't do well the last game, he feels that he was guilty, but it was more important that today he reflected how strong his character is.

"My overall disappointment is that the game wasn't controlled at all by the referee.

"There was an incident before we conceded the second goal where Seamus Coleman got involved with Alvaro Negredo, there was an argument.

"There were three players out of the action and you need to see that as a referee and do something about it.

"Then the penalty - if that's a penalty, it's going to be an impossible game. There's contact but there's no impeding. That should never be a penalty, and he didn't have the consistency to give a penalty for Lukaku and Nastastic.

"I never talk about referees but I am sure the difference between Manchester City and Everton today was not the referee.

"They had just one chance to score. We scored three goals and we had four or five other chances."

Source: Manchester City MAD