David Silva: The Unsung hero of Etihad

31 January 2013 09:38

Among attacking midfielders of his generation, this diminutive Spaniard stands tallest.

Premier League football managers probably first took note of his special abilities when he played for his national team at the Euro 2008 championship. La Roja won that edition and Silva’s contribution didn’t go unnoticed.

The former Valencia 21 jersey-man is a tenacious opponent; his skilful passing ability and never-give-the ball-up attitude are special qualities which Manchester City seems to be enjoying at the moment. His looks and stature on the field belie his football aggression.

When he moved from Spain to the English Premier League in the summer of 2010, Mancini initially had used him as a winger but soon he realized that Silva performed best in the midfield role, a position he was familiar with in the Spanish international team.

His strong work-ethic and tenacity has endeared him to the Etihad stadium. Though the limelight is often hogged by the City strikers like Dzeko, Aguero and Tevez, its Silva’s crucial possession-regaining abilities that make it possible for them to score. Committed to the Manchester City Blues till 2017, he continues to torment both opposition midfielders, defenders and the rival goalkeepers producing goals out of the blue, when performing as a third striker.

For his 100 percent attitude on the field, for his superb assists and for his sheer skill, David Silva will always remain in the hearts of football fans worldwide. He is the unsung hero of the Etihad.

Source: DSG