David Beckham in his pants: On tour with Manchester City

25 July 2011 05:41
One of the highlights of a week in California has definitely been the chance to see David Beckham in his pants.

It has never been an ambition of mine to see Beckham in his undies but last week I was grateful. It's all about media access, you see.

In England we used to loiter in car parks and hang about at training grounds in order to interview footballers. These days we need to make appointments through press officers and agents and often are required to plug a sponsor or a community event in order to hear a player talk about how much he likes scoring goals.

Not as good as the real thing: David Beckham has made a name for himself with his suggestive model pictures

In America things are different, though. At the end of the game you wander downstairs and walk straight in to the 'locker room'.

OK, so you have to wait 15 minutes or so beyond full-time. Nobody wants to see the players in the shower. Well, not many of us anyway.

But in the States media access to sports stars remains true to its traditions. It's always been this way here and so it was that a bunch of us stood and watched the most famous footballers in the world getting dressed last week.

Beckham was worth the wait, too. He usually is.

United he stands: David Beckham left the Premier League eight years ago, but faced City on their recent tour

It's eight years now since Beckham left Manchester United. It's hard to believe but it's true. He hasn't changed much, though. He is less mobile now. He has a problem with his back, as the strapping he was taking from his midriff after playing against Columbus Crew demonstrated.

Beckham still carries an inherent charm, though. He still has an understanding of his position in the game and the obligations - as tiresome as they must sometimes be - that come with it.

Hence the fact that he spoke to us in the LA Galaxy locker room when he had finished with the American media last week and hence the fact he entertained us again when we went to see him at training a few days later.

Another Galaxy: Beckham is comfortable in Los Angeles, and the football suits him

America seems to suit Beckham and little wonder. The Galaxy's training and playing facilities are first class, the climate is almost perfect and there must be worse places to raise kids than California.

Will he stay here beyond his contract that expires at the end of this season? It appears he might.

Beckham the footballer is coming to the end of the line. Just like his old team mates Paul Scholes and Gary Neville have at Old Trafford.

His comments on Manchester City were surprising and perhaps a little unecessary. That apart, he remains a class act. However many clothes he is wearing.

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Source: Daily_Mail