City 'Noisy Neighbours' Once Again?

18 October 2013 03:10
Manuel Pellegrini has scrapped three club bans imposed during Roberto Mancini's time at the Etihad.

According to The Daily Star, Mancini banned his City squad from playing music in the dressing room before and after games, blocked the colour purple from all clothing and set team meetings at odd-numbered times of the day.

Pellegrini: "I am not comparing now what happened in the past.

"I just manage the group of players the way I think it is the best. It is not the only way. There are a lot of different ways to do it. That is my way.

"I haven't changed much. Just to talk to players at the beginning, to tell them the way I like the player to work in the week, what they can do and can’t do. But I have a lot of trust in all of them.

"There’s a joke going around this place that United can start calling us the noisy neighbours again if they like, because at least now the boys can play music.

"He (Mancini) was unbelievably superstitious and completely lost his temper when a batch of the training bibs and jackets were purple."


Source: Manchester City MAD


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