City Fans Back Troubled Star!

07 October 2013 06:14
All City players are all behind struggling Joe Hart, according to Pablo Zabaleta.

Pablo Zabaleta: "We saw him during the week a little bit down. We need him to come back again to his best.

"Sometimes it happens in football but that's why team-mates need to support all the players. He knows we're all behind him.

"Of course he's upset. It's really hard for any player when you know you're not doing well.

"He has a personality so he needs to show that he's coming back to his best. And I'm sure he will do because he's a great goalkeeper.

"We've seen him for a long time doing very well so that's why it's strange to see him like this.

"He's been here for a long time and the fans are behind him, everybody's behind him.

"I felt very good when I saw the crowd giving massive support to him. We need to be all together in this time."


Source: Manchester City MAD