City Boss Pleased To Be Fighting On Only Two Fronts

01 February 2013 03:53
City paid Inter Milan £24million for Mario Balotelli but never saw the best of the player on a regular basis.

Roberto Mancini: "Until one week ago it was impossible, because we never received any offers for Mario.

"Instead in the last three days Milan started to talk with the club and did an offer.

"We thought it was good for everyone, probably, for Mario to have the chance to go back to Italy and play in a top club like Milan.

"We hope it will be important for him and for the club that we can get back some money.

"He has everything, always. He has quality. It is important he can understand this.

"Now we have three strikers.

"We have only Premier League and FA Cup, I think that could be enough."

Source: Manchester City MAD