Carlos Tevez is just like Paul Gascoigne - Martin Keown

06 July 2011 09:05
Martin Keown on why Carlos Tevez is such a nightmare to play against for defenders, and why Manchester City will miss him so much.

THE BARCELONA WORK ETHIC It is a modern trend in football thatyour outstanding players, the most talented guys, work so hard for the team. We see it most of all with Barcelona.

It is perhaps not such a given in theBarclays Premier League, but with Tevez it is. He works his socks off for the team. He's not only moving but moving fast, pushing forward or dropping deep at pace.

SPARKY AND SMART Tevez is very competitive. If you give him close attention he seems to thrive on that a bit - he'll have alittle bit of a kick back. He's got all the ingredients in his game of asparky competitor but he isn't just a scrapper.

He is so smart on and off the ball. He scored a great goal against Chelsea last year simply by anticipating where the ball was going to end up before any defender.

All-rounder: Tevez's departure is sure to be felt at Eastlands

GET TIGHT OR FIGHT It is advice you often give defendersbut with Tevez, of all players, you have to get especially tight. When he drops off, you've got to make up your mind to go after him.

A lot of defenders pull away because he comes in from such deep positions, but the last thing you want to give him is space.

He is an irritating type to play against because he never gives up, there's no such thing as a lost cause.

HAVE BOOTS, CAN TRAVEL He travels with the ball so well. Like a lot of Argentinian players, he is almost on top of the ball when he dribbles.

Messi is the same.

As a result, once he has turned and is running with it, it is very difficult to dispossess him.

There's a lot of him, he's very squat, very stocky, very powerful - and when he's running with the ball, he protects it so well.

Leadership: Tevez finished top scorer last term, but now wants to spend more time with his family

BIG MONEY, BIG RISK No matter how fantastic a player Tevez is, I would be worried about buying him.

If you are the chairman you'll always be wondering if he's going to turn around suddenly and sayhe wants to leave your club as well.

If he's prepared to leave United and City, will he really be happy to settle in for the long haul at Inter Milan or Real Madrid?

He is a great player to have in your team ifyou can, but there's baggage that comes with him, too.

SPOILING THE PARTY There was a spell towards the end of last season where if he wasn't playing, City could just forget about three points - and that's within a team of world-class players from all over the globe.

But while every man and his dog want to join the exciting City project, Tevez wants to leave. He's lifted theFA Cup, taken them into the Champions League and won the adulation of the fans so although I understand it's a personal issue for him, professionally I fear he will regret it.

They've got within one step of conquering their near neighbours and he wants out.

Home boy: Tevez has made no secret of his desire to return to his native Argentina. or to warmer climes

BEARDSLEY MEETS GAZZA He reminds me of Peter Beardsley because of his body shape and the way he can play in the deep role, but where Beardsley was happy to be second fiddle and play more as a provider, Tevez likes to be the main man and is more influential.

He also runs through traffic like Gazza used to, in the way he uses defenders, pushing off them if they'reclose to keep his balance, stay upright and propel himself forwards.

Pass masters: Tevez's style is much akin to Gazza (left) and Beardsley (right)

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