Capello recalls player strike

02 October 2011 09:20
Fabio Capello has revealed he once went through the same experience as fellow countryman Roberto Mancini endured in Munich on Tuesday night.

Capello wouldn't reveal the identity of the player, or even which club he was at when it happened.

However, it gives credence to the theory such 'strikes' are far more common than was initially thought when Carlos Tevez refused to warm-up prior to his planned introduction as a substitute during the 2-0 Champions League defeat at the Allianz Arena.

Throughout his time as England coach, Capello has made it his business not to get embroiled in club matters for fear of the problems he might end up causing for himself.

He isn't about to break that rule now, nor speculate on whether Italian clubs might be put off from dealing with such a high-maintenance, if brilliant, player.

But Capello did confirm the problems are down to the innate selfishness of many modern players, and their inability to see the bigger picture which, by necessity, a manager has to do.

"Look. About Tevez. The same thing happened to me once," he revealed.

"The players think a lot about themselves. Not about the team.

"The manager has to think about the team. We need to choose the best team to win every game.

"But sometimes the players do not understand the manager's decision."

Tevez is currently suspended for a fortnight, although it is anticipated he will discover the findings of City's internal investigation into the events of Tuesday evening at some point next week.

The 27-year-old is certainly on his best behaviour as, although he in theory is free to return to Argentina, he has vowed to remain in England and train alone to ensure his fitness levels are high enough to play when his present ban comes to an end.

Source: Team_Talk