Can You See Black Players Boycotting World Cup?

24 October 2013 09:42
According to the Mirror, Yaya Toure has warned that black players could boycott the 2018 World Cup.

The greatest competition in world football . a boycott . could it happen?

How come Toure speaks for every black player in the world?

Africa will have at least five teams at the 2018 Finals and the Ivory Coast star claims black players need to be assured they will not be racially abused.

Yaya Toure: “Of course they do.

“It’s very important. Otherwise it we are not confident coming to the World Cup in Russia, we don’t come.

“Of course, it’s a problem here, it happens all the time. I played in Ukraine, which was quite good, but they said some things as well.

“We have come here and it is the same again. I don’t know why it happens in football.

"I don’t know why you don’t get something like this in rugby or handball or any other sport, it’s just football.”

The Kick It Out statement: “Things are not perfect in this country.

“But this type of abuse is a depressing throwback and raises questions around the suitability of Russia as World Cup hosts.”

Source: Manchester City MAD