Balotelli Hits Back!

16 May 2013 12:35
Former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli said he will walk off the pitch if he is racially abused by opposing fans again.

Balotelli was subject to monkey chants from sections of the Roma support in the recent Serie A clash between his current club AC Milan and Roma.

Mario Balotelli: ‘I always said that if [racism] happened in the stadium I will just do like "nobody says nothing and I don’t care"

‘But this time I think I’ve changed my mind a little bit. If it’s going to happen one more time, then I’m going to leave the pitch because it’s so stupid.

‘I spoke with Prince (Kevin Prince-Boateng). I was about to leave the pitch on Sunday, but they thought I wanted to leave because we had some difficulty with the game.

‘I said, "No, it’s better we play and I will talk", that’s it. But if it wasn’t for this reason then I was going to leave the pitch on Sunday. 'What is surprising and is not understandable for me, is that the disciplinary committee of the Italian Football Federation has taken a decision, not even 24 hours after the event, by just imposing a fine.

'They have not made any investigation of what happened. And just to give a pecuniary sanction is not valid, that is not acceptable.

'You will always find money. What is €50,000 for such an incident? I’m not happy and I will call the Italian Federation. That’s not a way to deal with such matters.’



Source: Manchester City MAD