Balotelli - Ferguson Doesn't Win A Trophy Every Year!

22 February 2013 04:38
Mario Balotelli believes there is 'nobody better' than Roberto Mancini to be Manchester City manager.

Balotelli, who had a training ground bust-up with Mancini in the weeks leading up to his move to AC Milan, is confident the City boss still retains the support of the players.

Mario Balotelli: "There is nobody better for City.

"Most importantly, the players like him.

"If you asked who they want next season, every single player would say Roberto. He's not just their coach but also their friend.

"Look at the success Roberto has had - the FA Cup and a first championship in over 40 years.

"Even Alex Ferguson does not win a trophy every year, but he always comes back."


Source: Manchester City MAD