Ashamed Villas-Boas Hides Under The Bed!

25 November 2013 12:39
Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas was embarrassed and ashamed after his side suffered their worst defeat since 1996.

Andre Villas-Boas: "To lose 6-0 is extremely embarrassing.

"We have high expectations for the season and losing to a rival by that scoreline is always difficult."A defeat like this tends to stick more to your career than the good things you achieve."Our game plan, our confidence and motivation was affected after we suffered a goal in 13 seconds."It is a bad moment. We have to be ashamed of the result."City made the most of their opportunities. We didn't make the most of any opportunities we had."We reacted well to conceding that first goal, but the second and third straight afterwards put us in a very poor position to come back."The only thing that is astonishing in this league is that surprising results can happen."City are on four defeats. We are on four defeats, at such an early stage in the season."The December and January results will be vital in how the league will finish."At the moment you can be third or ninth. That is the reality."

Source: Manchester City MAD