7-0 Is A Crushing Blow To The Away Dugout

03 November 2013 01:55
City's result increased the pressure on Norwich boss Chris Hughton with his side remaining in the bottom three.

Chris Hughton: "At this moment, it is very tough to sit here on the back of that defeat.

"Apart from two goals - Toure scored a wonderful free-kick and one of them was offside - all the goals were too easy for Manchester City to score.

"It started early; we conceded early goals which put us on the back foot and made us nervous. You can't afford to do that.

"It shows the absolute quality they have got, we found it very difficult to handle them and we suffered our biggest defeat.

"We all let the club down. I am the manager and I pick the team and determine the tactics.

"We have a support who have travelled up to Manchester in midweek, to United, almost 3,000, and travelled back up.

"We very much let them down but they are a wonderful support.

"They would have been entitled to be on their way back to Norwich way before that final whistle went.

"I have always had confidence in my ability and in the group of players in the dressing room, but we need to address this one quickly.

"It is early in the season but I know we are on the back of a very heavy defeat. We have to bounce back."


Source: Manchester City MAD