Closed doors for Granada v Mallorca game

29 November 2011 12:16

The Granada versus Real Mallorca Primera Liga game, halted after a linesman was hit in the face with an umbrella, will be played behind closed doors on December 7, the Spanish football federation said Tuesday.

The November 20 match was called off mid-way through the second half after a linesman was hit by an umbrella thrown from the crowd.

Granada had the initiative in the match between the two struggling sides after coming from behind to lead Mallorca 2-1 when the referee headed straight for the tunnel after one of his linesmen was struck.

The remaining 29 minutes will be played with the score as it was stood when the match was stopped.

Granada have been fined 6,000 euros, with a warning that their Los Carmenes stadium will be closed in the case of a recurrence. The Andalucian club is appealing.

Source: AFP