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    • Beckhams Miami venture a big risk - experts

      Beckhams Miami venture a big risk - experts..

      The worst place in the United States for football. The biggest challenge in sport.Those were the reactions from two high-profile figures in US football to David Beckham's wi..

      07 Feb 2014 - 01:47:01
    • Beckham faces biggest challenge in sports

      Beckham faces biggest challenge in sports..

      David Beckham has been told he faces "the biggest challenge in sports" in trying to resurrect a football team in Miami -- from the manager of the club that folded.Ray Hudson..

      06 Feb 2014 - 01:32:55
    • Beckham set to become MLS team owner

      Beckham set to become MLS team owner..

      David Beckham is poised to confirm on Wednesday that he will own a team in Miami, boosting further his global profile and that of Major League Soccer.It has been one of th..

      05 Feb 2014 - 01:46:52

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    Latest Reader Comments

    "This whole debacle has all the makings of a new series of carry on films. It has all the necessary farcical ingredients "

    alex stewart

    Players 'could leave Rangers newco'
    "We all know football is a business and as such, regardless of how talented the players are individually, or how dedicated the supporters are, the team’s performance is fundamentally influenced by the management. The players and the fans are not responsible for DFC's critical financial position; despite the obvious pressure on them, the punishing circumstances caused by dysfunctional management, etc., the players continued to demonstrate flashes of winning form on the pitch, thus proving their true worth and justifying the fans loyal support. It follows therefore, get the management right and the club will thrive, like any successful business! I just hope the eventual new owners, whether a co-operative of fans and commerce, or a White Knight, have the presence of mind to engage a management team that is every bit as capable as the players (and fans) have demonstrated they can be! It seems to me, given Dundee's iconic history, its international exposure, etc., that the cash injection required to square the current financial position and to successfully build the DFC brand, is a relatively cheap investment opportunity for someone?"

    Justin Newman

    as the year comes to an end