wana-be-WAG of the week - 3

21 August 2012 10:52
Introducing our Wanna-be-wag of the Week

Name: Amy
Age: 24
Location: Cheshire
Hair colour: Dark Blonde
Eye Colour: Green

What are you looking for? I am hoping to meet a nice genuine guy who doesn't take life too seriously. Someone who is relaxed, can make me laugh and enjoys spending time with family.

Tell us about yourself: I enjoy watching the new films at the cinema, nice holidays, spending time with family. I have to be honest, I don't enjoy going out regularly drinking like some might every Friday and Saturday night, although I do like to go out for them special occasions and make the most of it when they come round. During the week, I like to chill in the evenings, I have an important job where I need to be fresh faced the next day.

Footymad Singles 'Phwoar' rating
: 4/5

Source: DSG

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