Newell blasts Town board

14 March 2007 10:32
Luton Town boss Mike Newell slammed the club's board after the Hatters suffered a devastating 2-1 home defeat at the hands of fellow strugglers Hull City. The loss leaves Town in terrible trouble at the wrong end of the Championship table, with Newell furious at having had little money to strengthen, despite the sales of the likes of Rowan Vine, Kevin Nicholls, Carlos Edwards and Steve Howard in recent times. Newell fumed: "Where's the £9million gone? "Give that to me and I'll get five experienced players in, I'll pay them fortunes and we'll get ourselves out of it. "It takes three or four years to build a reputation as a decent manager and three months to lose that reputation. But if you take the four best players out of any team it will hurt them. "Give me the money and I'll replace them, but I can't. The reason we're in this position is because we've sold our best players. "Someone should investigate what's going on at this club."

Source: ESA