Newell keeps focus on the game

17 March 2009 11:12
The 44-year-old was sacked by the Hatters in March 2007 after criticising the club's board for selling a number of star players during their battle against relegation from the Championship.

"You always look forward to your old clubs but unfortunately there's people trying to stir stuff up again and you wonder why but that's just something I'll just take in my stride," he said.

"I have broad enough shoulders and I know the job that I did there over three-and-a-half-years in the conditions that I was working under and the people I was working for.

"There will come a time when I answer everything that's been talked about and written because it hasn't been talked about or written by me and there will come a time when I put people in their place.

"I had some good times there and I worked with some good people in the club but unfortunately they weren't the people that were employing me. That's history now and we're going there to play football."

Source: Team_Talk