Wilfried Bony - The One that got away

04 August 2014 09:50

There have been numerous signings so far in the lull between seasons, if lull can be a word used to describe this year’s few weeks away from the game and some have been spectacular, like the £75 million signing of Luis Suarez, whilst under ban from the game, to the smaller fees paid for the likes of Lallana and Lambert. But in all this time, there has been one man who should have been snapped up but who remains with his club.

That man is the Ivory Coast and Swansea striker, Wilfried Bony. At 25 years of age, he is in the prime of his life. His health is good, his fitness excellent, his feet lethal when finding the net with the ball, but as of yet, not one real comment has been made about this Ivorian star. He is likely, if allowed to be so, to be the one that when the new season starts and the transfer windows close, they call The One That Got Away.

But this is no German trying to escape the British game. This is someone who showed last year just how accurate and lethal he can be when the ball comes to his feet or head. He was extremely prolific last year playing for Swansea and although Spurs and Liverpool have expressed an interest, he still remains at Swansea. So what are these top flight clubs thinking of in not signing him? Is there a reason for this lack of action?

Swansea manager Garry Monk has stated that Bony “will not be leaving the club” but this usually is a precursor to a player making a move to a bigger club and a better salary, a sign that new pastures are waiting for the man in question, so why the wait? Why the time wasted? Well, the answer could be that neither Bony or Swansea are sure what is going to happen next. Perhaps, it is a case of wait and see to see if fees and attitudes change as we get closer to the beginning of the new season.

But this is where the likes of Manchester City are in the wrong, for this is a player who is screaming out for the chance to play at the very top flight, and for the very best teams in the league. All it needs is for someone, or hopefully a better agent than he has now, to secure him that spot with the best team imaginable and keep him in the British game. Today there has been speculation that Spurs are interested yet again, but in a dual move on Bony and Southampton player, Morgan Schneiderlin, with them both to cost in the region of £45 million, but nothing but talk is all we see.

One has to feel for Bony at this time, when so many changes are taking place. He alone will want the very best for himself and his career progression and it is likely that he is not going to get it at Swansea. So it is now up to the likes of Brendan Rodgers and Manuel Pellegrini to snap this man up and see just what a player of quality he really is.

Source: DSG

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