Why Damien Comolli is calling on Liverpool FC legend Kenny Dalglish

16 November 2010 05:00
DAMIEN COMOLLI believes Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish will have a key role to play in helping to lure the best young British talent to Anfield.

The Frenchman, who recently left St Etienne to become the Reds' first director of football strategy, has set out his plans for the future.

Top of his agenda is strengthening Roy Hodgson's playing squad with home grown youngsters and he has already called on the expertise of club ambassador Dalglish to ensure he targets the right kind of characters.

The 37-year-old insists he's not looking for a 'quick fix' but is determined to put in place a structure that reaps rewards for years to come.

'I had a long conversation with Kenny as I just wanted to know what it takes to be a Liverpool player,' he said.

'I said 'you have been a player here' and obviously he's been a fantastic manager, and I said 'what did you like when you were a player in the changing room to see in other players, what did you like when you were a manager, what's the tradition here, what does it need to be successful at Liverpool Football Club'? I was talking more from a personal character personality aspect of the players.

'That's one thing, which is very important, but the other thing which is very important is what's good for the club in the future, not doing a quick fix over six months.

'Can this player come here and improve us, help us to win things, to get into the Champions League in the next four or five years. That's the second aspect.

Source: Liverpool_Echo