Vital fortnight ahead says Reina

17 December 2010 11:37
Liverpool have a huge fortnight ahead of them admits Pepe Reina. The Reds' next four games, Fulham at home, Blackpool away, Wolves at home and Bolton at home are all matches they should comfortably win on paper. Unfortunately Liverpool have struggled in some supposedly easy games this season but if they are serious about qualifying for the Champions League then they have to take 12 points from these four games insists Reina. "We know it's a critical moment in the season. Every year Christmas time is huge. There are 12 points just around the corner for us. They are tough but winnable games, so it's a time to get ourselves back on track," said the keeper, who has captained the team for the past couple of weeks. "The top four is realistic - that's realistic to talk about now. We have to beat Fulham and let's see how the Christmas period ends, then in January we can see where we're aiming for. "I'm seeing a lot of desire among the staff and players. The club has a lot of history and we know we haven't been good enough so far this season. We aim and we hope with our daily work to get back to the old days and get higher in the table."