Top 5 Liverpool Players Of The Season

26 April 2014 09:03

5 -Martin Skrtel

- Martin Skrtel has performed like a world class player this season.His daring attitude toward the game never fails to excite us Liverpool fans when hehunts attackers down on the field. Defending isn't Skrtel's only pro, as he oftenscores game-changing headers and as a result making him the top scoring defender in thePremier League so far.

4 -Steven Gerrard

Gerrard has had an outstanding season. His new defencive midfielder position meant that he couldplay to his full potential without tiring as a result of his age. We have often seen the33 year old making immaculate game-winning tackles and blocks that stopped potential goals.

He also has scored a respectable tally of 13 penalties goals. It is as if Steven Gerrard has improvedwith age!

3 - Raheem Sterling

Sterling has certainly blown all Liverpool fans away this season with his World class performancesin all of his games. He scored a total of 9 goals, assisted 4 and in has contributed a lot to theteam in strength and in pace. There is no doubt that the young player has a bright future and Ihope that he will get the opportunity to represent England in the 2014 World Cup this year.

2 - Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge is a machine. At 24 years old the young forward is the 2nd highest goalscorer inthe Premier League. With 20 goals and 7 assists, the English international is in the form of his lifethis season. His skill on the ball is simply wonderful as he can skip past defenders withease. I believe that Daniel could be a big contender for the "Young Player Of The Year" award.

1 - Luis Suarez

Magical, is the only word I can use to describe Luis Suarez. With a tally of 30 goals in 30 games(so far), Suarez is on fire this season. With his shooting and dribbling ability, Luis Suarez hasdemonstrated skills that aren't humanly possible. When he gets the ball at his feet we always know that hewill produce something magical out of the opportunity. With the "Player Of The Year Award"being announced soon I think that Suarez has a huge chance of winning it.

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Source: DSG