TOMMY SMITH: Diving has gone on for decades

12 November 2009 06:50
REGARDLESS of your personal view of diving and cheating in football, there's one indisputable fact.

There is absolutely nothing new about it.

The way the debate has raged since David Ngog went down on Monday night, you'd think we'd never seen anything like it before.

It's all very well some people saying it was obvious he'd taken a dive but at the time, I'm sorry - it just wasn't.

In fact the majority of people - myself included watching on TV from my sickbed - thought it was a foul at first.

It was only on seeing the replays - which of course the referee doesn't see - that it was evident a penalty shouldn't have been given. Ngog had over run the ball and decided to throw himself, which I hate to see.

But as I say it's nothing new. This all started in the '60s and '70s for me.

When we played continental teams there would be opponents throwing themselves all over the place and rolling over as if they'd been shot.

The South Americans too have been past masters at cheating for decades.

Source: Liverpool_Echo