The Jury: Liverpool FC fans give their views on the club's new deal with Standard Chartered

17 September 2009 12:00
THIS week saw some positive finance headlines for the club which was quite refreshing as we agreed an £80 million deal with Standard Chartered Bank. As a club we have long been commercially trailing the likes on Manchester United in terms of sponsorship deals, at last it looks as though we’re striking deals which a club of our stature should be. With foreign owners treating the Premier League like a toy shop, it’s never been more important to compete off the field as well as on it. All I ask is for the manager to be backed as his rivals are. The deal is a fantastic opportunity, but until trophies are again being carried through the Shankly Gates and stability is secured, I won’t be satisfied with the men in suits. CHRIS LALLEY, Huyton THIS week’s announcement that we have finally secured a sponsorship deal worthy of the calibre of our club, has at last given us some optimism that work actually is going on behind the scenes to improve our current financial mess. But if the two Americans are expecting high-fives and believe that all is now forgiven, then they are going to be sorely disappointed. The irony is that this positive step has coincided with the announcement that from next summer, all Premier League clubs will have to have a minimum of eight 'home-grown' players in a 25-man squad. Without doubt, this regulation will only result in even higher transfer fees being demanded for England's finest young talent. So as we all rub our hands together at the prospect that Rafa may finally be able to use the added investment to bring in the quality desired, a word of caution should be noted before getting ahead of ourselves!

Source: Liverpool_Echo

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