The Curious Case of Mario Balotelli to Liverpool

22 August 2014 09:23

When he single handedly destroyed a strong German side in Euro 2012, few of us realised the player was just 22 years old. Mario Balotelli’s second goal was so stunning that even Neuer had to applaud his finish. Picking up a beautiful ball from Montolivo, he bazooka-ed it into the net before anyone could get even close.

He is tremendously talented, let us get that straight. And he has great power and upper body strength to hold of strikers. Yet he has decent pace. A complete striker material we can call him. But he has his issues. Behaviour can easily remind you of a certain Suarez. Probably his harsh childhood and racism could be the culprits, but nonetheless he has a poor record there. And that has resulted in hampering his once gifted football too.

But if some man can turn around this gifted player and bring him back, I believe it is Brendan Rodgers. Not a big name coach, and the kind that talks to players and gets to know them, he is exactly the kind of person who could mellow down Balotelli, should the move finalize. It is how he leashed Suarez and recreated Sturridge, who was once deemed stupid and selfish as a footballer. That being said, Balotelli will be Rodgers biggest challenge so far.

But to imagine Sturridge and Balotelli (in his true form), running at defences….oh….it would be relishing. (Don’t forget the very strong, passing midfield led by Gerrard from behind).

Source: DSG

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