Suarez Vs The Press: How the Suarez Saga will play out now the Confed Cup is over

10 July 2013 09:30

If transfer rumors in the media are to be believed, Liverpool forward Luis Suarez only stopped short of submitting a transfer request to force through a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid before he was forced to depart for the Confederations cup and Liverpool won a brief reprieve from their want away striker when he joined up the Uruguayan national team for the competition, a reprieve that has just been slightly lengthened now that he is away on holidays and for the moment there lies an uneasy calm at Anfield.

However, Suarez is expected to resume duties with the Kop on 22nd July and herein is where Reds’ boss Brendan Rodger’s major headache lies. The minute our troublesome friend shows back up the rollercoaster ride is sure to start again and you can look forward to reports of “The English Press targeting a certain bite-happy footballer” or “players being treated like slaves at Manchester United some clubs”.

vTo be honest, ditching dreary Liverpool for the allure of life at Real Madrid beside Ronaldo and Co. is one that very few players with the most honorable of characters will be immune to and our dear “victim of the English press” has never claimed to be one. So presently, the most likely scenario is after an awfully elongated session of diving, screaming, biting club officials in his way and insinuating that Madrid is the only place on earth where he can ever kick a ball again, El-Pistolerio will eventually wear Liverpool down and force through a transfer, never mind that trifling piece of paper he signed for loads of money.


Source: DSG