'Suarez thinks he's superior': Liverpool legend Barnes

08 August 2013 01:46

Former Liverpool winger John Barnes believes Luis Suarez thinks he is superior to his team-mates when he should be accepting a share of the responsibility for the club's failure to qualify for the Champions League.

The Uruguay international, who on Tuesday accused the Reds of reneging on an agreement to allow him to leave, has been made to train on his own after manager Brendan Rodgers criticised his attitude in recent weeks.

Barnes said a common problem with modern-day footballers was that they often had an inflated opinion of themselves born out of fans' adoration.

On his last two public appearances - Steven Gerrard's testimonial on Saturday and an open training session on Monday - Suarez was cheered by fans.

That depth of feeling is unlikely to be repeated in the wake of recent developments.

"Why are you so surprised? This situation has been going on for years," said Barnes, just voted seventh - two places behind Suarez - in the club website's '100 players who shook the Kop' online poll.

"This is the future of modern football we have created. The media and especially the fans have empowered players too much to make them feel that a) they are better than their team-mates and b) they're better than their clubs.

"We've seen it at Arsenal where so many players have left because Arsenal cannot match their ambitions, and the fans are the ones who have created this superstar culture whereby you've separated the team and the superstars to feel more important than the club.

"What has empowered him (Suarez) and the likes of (Fernando) Torres is they feel the team is losing not because of them but because of their team-mates. Suarez is saying he needs to go because they've not qualified for the Champions League, but he was part of the team that failed to do that.

"He has to take responsibility for that. He's saying, 'I've done my job, I'm good enough, but the players I'm playing with aren't'. Our superstar players feel they are untouchable. We've gone too far and there's no way back."

Source: PA