Suarez 'buyout' clause set at 70 million GBP?

06 January 2014 09:13

When Luis Suarez 'committed' himself to Liverpool and signed his new contract, the Anfield faithful will have breathed a sigh of relief. Tying the Uruguayan to the club would be the move that could catapult Liverpool back into the elite of the Premier League and force their way into the top four and the golden dream of the Champions' League. Not long after the news was released however, the rumours began to spread. All may not be as it seemed.

Buy out clauses are regular features of contracts in Europe. The fees are often made public by clubs as deterrents to potential suitors for the player. Whilst flaunting a big fee could scare away the vast majority of clubs, contrarily for the very small minority, it could just be an attraction. And that may be the very reason why, if such a clause exists in the Suarez agreement, that Liverpool haven't made it public.

The existence of such a clause therefore remains a matter of conjecture, but this hasn't stopped rumours surfacing and speculation about the size of any such clause. Over the weekend, certain newspapers were saying that not only was there a clause, but also that it was set at £70million, with the proviso that it would only come into effect if the club failed to qualify for the Champions' League. This may or may not be true of course, but it still places a nagging doubt in the mind of Liverpool fans and it won't really be removed unless, or until, either - or preferably both - the player or the club publicly state that no such clause exists. In the absence of such a statement, the rumour will feed on the doubt.

Why you may ask? Well, the answer is simple, if a clause exists, both parties will clearly be aware of it. Now, whilst as mentioned above, it may not be in Liverpool's interests to perpetuate rumours, if the season does not progress well for the club, it may well be in the player's interests to do so. Alerting potential suitors, particularly a club who has expressed interest in signing the player over time, would be a useful move if promoting a transfer was on your agenda. The point here is not that I'm suggesting such a thing would happen - or is happening - but every day that the story is not dispelled will only increase the speculation that the story is true.

Having a player of Suarez's status plying his trade in the Premier League has to be a good thing for British football and I for one, very much hope he stays here. That hope thought will be as nothing confirmed to the hopes of Liverpool fans. They will be acutely aware that if the iconic striker was lost to another club, it may mean that the hope on the horizon may just have been another false dawn.

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