Stewart Downing - One of the Premier Leagues worst ever signings

By 21 November 2012 02:27

Rumours this week have surfaced that Stewart Downing is angling at a loan move away from Anfield back to his boyhood club Middlesbrough.

Everyone questioned the fee that Liverpool spent on the left winger when he signed from Aston Villa back in 2011. In his first season at Liverpool he played 36 Premier league games without registering a single assist or goal and is still looking for a goal in the league this season.

The winger has been linked with his hometown club and after being signed for £20million this would have to go down in Premier league history as one of the worst signings ever. Brendan Rodgers would be looking to replace the winger so if the move is to happen it may be put on hold till January. This will mean that Middlesbrough can take him on a season long loan whilst the transfer window is open.

As Downing is on over £80,000 a week the deal could be out of cash strapped Middlesbrough’s hands but if it does go through he will definitely be one of the most costly Englishmen in footballing history.

Source: DSG

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