Sakho explains goal celebration

24 April 2017 04:43
Mamadou Sakho annoyed a lot of Liverpool fans by celebrating Christian Benteke's goal in Crystal Palace's 2-1 win at Anfield on Sunday.

But the Liverpool defender, on loan with the Eagles, insists it was innocent.

“When Christian scored, I stayed seated as I didn't want to celebrate by respect for the club to which I belong and the fans,” he said. “But when he came over to me, I stood up and did what we always do as friends, our hand check.

“There was nothing behind it, nothing else to imply by it. Just two friends who are playing for the same team and who have the same goal, which is to get the three points at each game to make sure the team stays in the Premier League.

“If we were losing 2-0 and Christian reduced the score, we would have also done it if he came to me.”

Source: DSG