Roy shrugs off Reina reassessment

09 November 2010 03:38
Roy Hodgson claims he has no problems with Jose Reina suggesting he will reassess his position at Liverpool at the end of the season.[LNB] Reports emerged today which suggested the Spain international had said he was staying at the club "until at least the end of the season".[LNB]But Reds gaffer Hodgson was not worried by those reported comments.[LNB]"That is fair enough, what's wrong with that?" he said.[LNB]"There is always spin put on these things but as far as I am concerned we are very happy to have Pepe Reina and I hope he will stay a lot longer than that.[LNB]"If at the end of the season he doesn't want to play for Liverpool any more then we'd have to deal with that situation when we come to it.[LNB]"But I don't understand why, seven or eight months from the date I'm being asked to give my opinion on it.[LNB]"He is an excellent goalkeeper and I hope he plays for Liverpool for years and years to come.[LNB]"If he doesn't want to play for years and years to come we'll deal with the situation when it occurs."[LNB]Hodgson added of the goalkeeper who signed a new long-term contract at the end of last season: "Pepe Reina is one of the most committed players at the club.[LNB]"He is one I don't ever have any doubts about his desire to get on the field and do his best and win the game.[LNB]"That is the most important thing and I don't see why it is necessary for me or him to discuss a year ahead."

Source: Team_Talk