Reina: Yanks must go

11 May 2010 09:24
Pepe Reina says Liverpool's owners need to quickly sell the club. The Reds' goalkeeper says Tom Hicks and George Gillette, now known to fans as Cancer and Aids, need to sell the club ASAP so Liverpool can make a genuine challenge for the title next season without the hinderance of their involvement. "Of course we worry. It is a little bit of a concern and we need to sort out these kind of things, like the sale of the club and the thing with the owners," said Reina. “Once we settle all this then we can begin to look forward and improve the squad. "It is vital we have a quick sale of the club. It would be simple as it would mean we could start planning for next season earlier. "All that I would ask is that if it is going to happen, then it happens as soon as possible to help the club itself." Join LFC Online on Facebook


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