Really Luis Suarez? Swapping Liverpool for Arsenal?

29 July 2013 09:16

This as gone round my head over and over again and I really can’t weigh it up. Liverpool owner John Henry tweeted this week ‘’what are they smoking over there at the Emirates?’’

Well I’m asking ‘’what the hell is Suarez smoking, even considering leaving Liverpool for Arsenal?’’

If he’s actually contemplating this, I think he should take a quick step back and have a re-think.

If the reason is that its all about champions league football then he needs to look at this in a different light.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing talent and would fit in to any side what so ever but with no Champions League football, can Brendan Rodgers convince him that the only place for him is Merseyside? I’m not so sure, but with what I’ve read all week everyone at the clubs been really trying so hard to make him see just how much he’s loved.

Truthfully, the only reason he’s considering Arsenal is that its the only offer on the table. I would think that Suarez discipline record would be a major factor in other clubs being interested. He’s made some very atrocious mistakes during his Liverpool journey and this could prove to be decisive for his future plans.

Liverpool have stuck by him through everything, he did rub Liverpool’s good name through the mud and the fact is he does owe Liverpool a great deal for the support they have shown him.

It’s a huge dilemma for Rodgers, and I know I wouldn't want to be in his shoes but I trust he will make right decision for the good of the club. Suarez however, needs to give the reds one more year as there is high expectations for next season and huge hopes of a top four finish. the two signings Liverpool made in January were massive and gave them an incredible boost during the closing season, so you’d think with the addition of Coutinho and Sturridge as well as the latest signings this summer along with the rising stars of our academy this team is only going to get better.


Source: DSG

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