Raheem Sterling, soon to be a Liverpool legend

22 April 2014 04:37

Raheem Sterling has certainly blown all Liverpool fans away this season with his outstanding performances in all of his games. The pacey winger a scored a tally of 9 goals, 4 assists and has made a huge contribution on the counter attack for the club. At only 19 years of age the young boy is on par with the big European Football stars according to Liverpool manager , Brendan Rodgers

"He is the best young player in European football at the moment", Brendan Rodgers said recently at a press conference.

The 19 year old proved to all today that he was not a kinder gardener anymore after scoring a cracker of a goal from 25 yards out that only the world class players could strike, today against relegation fighters Norwich city. He then went on to assist Luis Suarez with a magnificent pass that took sheer skill and accuracy to pull of correctly. Sterling wasn't finished yet as he then went on to score his second goal securing Liverpool's crucial victory at Carrow Road and potentially earning the Reds a guaranteed Champions League spot next season. The performance then went on to earn him his well deserved Man Of The Match award.

Nobody knows what the little magic man will be able to pull off in his future at Liverpool FC as he is always full of surprises. I hope that Raheem will get his well deserved "Young Player Of The Year" trophy and as well as a ticket to Brazil to represent England in the 2014 World Cup. One thing for sure is that Raheem Sterling has an exciting footballing career ahead of him and I can picture him achieving many great things in the future.

Source: DSG