Rafa questions quota proposal

16 September 2009 08:24
Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has warned the Premier League powerbrokers that the home-grown player proposal threatens to reduce the quality of the competition. The Premier League has chosen to adopt a policy from the start of next season whereby eight players in each club's nominated 25-man squad must be under 21 years of age and have been trained in England or Wales. The proposal was given the go-ahead following a meeting of chairman from all 20 clubs last week. However, Benitez is concerned that the overall product will suffer as a result of the quick shift in focus. "It may now be difficult to maintain quality. The number of players is not the point, the quality is," warned Benitez. "The problem in England is that there is a big gap between the academies and the first team. The reserve league is not filling this gap. "If a top side has to find eight players from the academy straight away, it may well be difficult. "Academies do not produce too many in England, home-grown players tend to play in the lower divisions because they may not be good enough for the very top. "People talk too much about the age of players and where they are from. They forget about quality. "The Premier League is the best league in the world because of the quality, not because of where the players come from."

Source: ESA