Rafa hails new stadium plans

25 July 2007 11:43
`Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is excited about the prospect of the club moving in to their new 60,000-capacity stadium in 2010. Designs for the new £300million stadium on Stanley Park, that could eventually hold 76,000 fans, were revealed on Wednesday morning. "The plans for the new stadium are absolutely fantastic," Benitez told the Reds' official website. "The design is really good, really pretty and really nice. "For me the pitch is always what's most important and I'm sure that will be okay too. "The facilities the new stadium will provide are going to ensure that the future of this club is a great one and this is what our fans deserve. "It looks very different to other stadiums I have seen. There are a lot of windows and it really is ground-breaking in terms of stadium design. "I'm sure it will be considered as one of the best in Europe. "Unfortunately, I cannot play anymore so I won't be able to experience playing a match there, but it would be fantastic for me to still be manager when we move and win lots of silverware there."

Source: ESA