Rafa to meet chairman

03 May 2010 10:41
Rafael Benitez is to have talks with Martin Broughton. The Reds manager will meet the chairman in the next few days to discuss his future at Liverpool. Juventus have been tapping Benitez up and he has dodged the subject whenever it is brought up in interviews. "I have four years left on my contract and I still have to talk with the new chairman. Nothing is clear-cut, nothing is straightforward. We have to wait. It is not just for me to ask one or two questions. I haven't met the chairman yet. But I will have a meeting with the new chairman in the next few days," said the Spaniard. "If we have a conversation we will try and keep it private. It is just to talk about the future. "You are asking about my future, but the future of the club is more important. "The fans don't have any doubt about the commitment and passion we have shown this year. The fans want to know what is going on and I want to know. "The manager has been taking responsibility at this club in the last few years for everything. I don't know if that’s the way it should be. The last few years it has been the manager's responsibility all the time. "We have been trying to do our best for the beginning to the end. Now we have to carry on with the Hull game and another four more years of my contract. "I was talking about speculation in the last two or three weeks and have been reading about a lot of managers in the news, but we cannot keep talking about the speculation. We have another game and we have to do our best until the end. We are thinking about doing things for the future."