Rafa dismisses Fergie theory

07 April 2009 02:32
Rafa Benitez believes Sir Alex Ferguson will want Liverpool to beat Chelsea in their UEFA Champions League quarter-final. Ferguson stated on Monday that he believes the winner of the all-English tie will provide the main challenge to Manchester United in the title race. However, Benitez is not convinced by Ferguson's theory and has put forward his own ideas about what the United boss may want to happen. Benitez feels the side that does not go through to the semi-finals will be able to concentrate completely on the Premier League and could topple United. Liverpool are currently United's nearest rivals so Benitez thinks Ferguson would like the Reds to have the distraction of European football. "I think they will have a problem, United, because clearly one of us, Chelsea or Liverpool, will be focused on the league so I think it is worse for them," Benitez said on Sky Sports News. "I think he will be supporting Liverpool because he knows that we are the big threat, so if we continue in the competition (he will think) 'it will be okay, they will be tired'. "If we are not in the competition he knows we will be a threat, if Chelsea are not in the competition he knows they will be a threat. "One thing is the momentum but another thing is the time you have to prepare for every single Premier League game, so clearly I think he will be supporting us." Benitez, who is confident Liverpool can challenge for glory on two fronts, does not believe Ferguson should dwell on such matters. He explained: "I would like to be worrying about both (Premier League and Champions League) but he likes to think too much about other teams." Benitez insists he did not mind being drawn to face Chelsea in the Champions League for a fifth successive year. The Liverpool boss believes such a rivalry shows the strength of both sides and he is looking forward to many more clashes with the Blues. "I am really pleased to be here playing Chelsea again because we are at this stage of the competition again, and hopefully it will be the same for the next five years," he said. "And that means we will be there and they will be there too."

Source: SKY_Sports