Norwich will be Liverpool's banana skin

By 18 April 2014 04:26

Liverpool travel to Norwich this Sunday as the league leaders look to continue their unbelievable run of ten wins on the bounce. After the hard fought victory against City the Reds stand just four games away from glory, with Norwich, Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Newcastle still to face. Fans are finally beginning to believe that Liverpool could win their first league title for almost a quarter of a century. However, nothing is a certainty yet, and flashbacks of 88/89 and 08/09 still loom large in fans minds.

The next match could be Liverpool's banana skin fixture, as the canaries look the most likely to be underestimated. Liverpool will be fighting hard against Chelsea as their main title rivals. They will also be suitably worried about Pulis' Palace and his hefty satchel of scalps. The final day of the season looks fairly predictable as Newcastle continue to implode into a rather depressing "worn-out castle". Leaving only Norwich to sneak in and spoil the party.The easiest run in would be a rag-tag collection of mid table sides with nothing to play for, Cardiff's victory at Southampton last week is a case in point. The hardest teams to play against toward the end of the season are the ones fighting for survival, looking for the magic points total. (Now who does that sound like?) Norwich face an uphill struggle, with all of the traditional "big four" clubs still to play. Norwich will be fighting for their lives on Sunday, so must not be underestimated. Recent clashes between the opposite ends of the table have shown how hard the underdogs will be fighting, like the draw between City and Sunderland on Wednesday.

The last three fixtures between Liverpool and Norwich have an aggregate score of 15-3 to the Reds and Luis Suarez has enjoyed some of his best form against them, with an impressive haul of 11 goals. It's true that previous fixtures have been somewhat of a walkover, which is why Liverpool need to be on high alert to ensure the canaries don't surprise them. There are so many things that could lead us to write off Norwich that it would be easy to forget that they will still be fielding eleven premier league quality players. If Liverpool wander into the game as if they have already won then the old saying will be truer than ever "you're most vulnerable right after you score." While winning against City gave the Reds momentum it was not a licence to lose concentration and start looking toward the Chelsea game too early. On Sunday it could be the most crushing irony that a team dressed up as semi-ripe bananas cause Liverpool to slip up so disastrously.

Source: DSG

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