Moores calls for Yanks to quit

26 May 2010 08:28
"If they have any conscience Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr will sell up" In a letter to The Times the former Liverpool owner says: “We had looked at George Gillett’s affairs in detail and he came up to scratch. To a great extent, we took Tom Hicks on trust, on George’s say-so.” According to the paper. Moores rejects allegations, however, that anyone at the club was negligent in the due diligence process, saying Rothschild, the merchant bank representing the Americans, assured Anfield officials “both were good for the money”. The share offer, Moores contends, “was laid out in unambiguous terms . the document pledged there would be no debt placed upon the club, and significant funds would be made available for investment in the squad and the new stadium”. The letter also explains why Moores felt he had to sell the club and why the bids from Thaksin Shinawatra and Dubai International Capital to buy Liverpool failed. Moores, 65, sees no need to apologise but admits to making “honest mistakes” while acting in the “best interests of the club”. Nevertheless, he “hugely regrets selling the club” to the American pair.