Merseyside United

07 April 2014 09:45

With rivals dropping points and Liverpool sitting on top of the premier league table, last weekend must have been a dream come true for everyone connected to Liverpool Football Club (LFC). The possibility of LFC’s first title in over 20 years is just six games away and I won’t be surprised if they win all their remaining games.

While LFC focus on the Premier League title, their Merseyside rivals have served a blend of attractive football worthy of gate crashing the “top four” party historically reserved for the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Under the guidance of Martinez and Rodgers, the Merseyside teams have played some of the most exciting football in the country. Although, they haven’t invested as much cash as their rivals, they have set high targets and punched above their weight.

Considering that the world cup is a few months away, the performances of English talent in these teams represents a win-win for club and country. Whenever Roy Hodgson names his squad, Merseyside United will definitely represent a large percentage of the England team.

Source: DSG