Mersey Beat: Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll starting something special at Liverpool?

04 November 2011 11:35
It was a move that came at the end of 45 minutes of unrelenting dominance, the ball being ushered by the magician on the right flank into the path of the marauding number nine.

When Luis Suarez slipped Andy Carroll in for Liverpool's clinching goal at West Brom last weekend, the smile that beamed from Kenny Dalglish gave a glimpse that, finally, the massive investment that was made in January is starting to pay off.

Deadly duo: Liverpool players celebrates after Luis Suarez turned provider for Andy Carroll at West Brom last week

There have been whispers on Merseyside during recent months over the suitability of Carroll and Suarez as a double act. The concerns have stemmed from the fact Liverpool have looked a much more fluent side when the Uruguayan has had more nimble, like-minded players around him.

Think of some of Liverpool's better performances in Dalglish's second coming and almost all have been with Dirk Kuyt as Suarez's side-kick. Many also included Maxi Rodriguez and, more recently, the impish Craig Bellamy. Rapid interchange and speed of thought are the common denominators.

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'It is important that there are relationships and partnerships all over the pitch and we have been delighted with Luis and Andy,' said Dalglish. 'The more they play together, the better they will become, the more they will understand each other and the better we will be because of it.'

While Suarez has been incomparable, the topic of Carroll has not always been an easy to broach with Dalglish this season. He has been mystified over what he has perceived to be a national 'obsession' and has been fiercely defensive when his performances have been queried.

But, recently, it has started to appear that the penny has dropped with Carroll and he is beginning to appreciate what is expected of a Liverpool striker. He is putting in the hard yards and there was no question that his display at West Brom was his best since that ?35million move from Newcastle.

True, he may not be held in the same esteem by The Kop as the man who previously occupied his squad number but he is a completely different player to Fernando Torres and it could be that the decision to offload the Spaniard was what Liverpool needed to move forward.

As Pepe Reina points out in his excellent new autobiography, Pepe: 'At the end of the day, it was better for Fernando and better for the club that they parted ways. Fernando got the move he felt he needed at that stage of his career.

Tough act to follow: Carroll is starting to prove that he can win a place in the hearts of Liverpool fans as Fernando Torres did

'Liverpool got an unbelievable fee and were able to reinvest it in Andy and Luis. Luis has shown already that he can be one of the best forwards in the world. Andy showed form for Newcastle that made him unstoppable. If they help us become a proper team, that will be great.'

Suarez and Carroll have got a long way to go before they can start to be mentioned in the same breath as some of Liverpool's illustrious old double acts but the last two games at Stoke and West Brom augur well for the future.

How Liverpool reinvested the record breaking sum they received for Torres was always going to attract a deal of scrutiny and while Suarez hit the ground running - he has made his ?22.3million transfer fee look a bargain - the same has not been true for Carroll.

Some rough edges still need polishing but maybe, just maybe, the sweeping move that ended with Suarez playing in Carroll to score a decisive goal can be the catalyst for a bright new dawn. How they grow together will make fascinating viewing.

Source: Daily_Mail